Up to 80 % grant on your digitilization services. Know more

Have you ever thought about needing support from someone for your business? Well, most of us have if we are being completely honest. Starting a business, even a normal one, is not that easy. You need to invest a lot of time, money, and effort into it. We recently met up with a friend of ours and had a brief chat about digital businesses. And the processes you have to go through to start a successful one. We stumbled upon the PSG Grant that is being offered by the Singapore government during the conversation.

Most people don’t know about the PSG Grant by the Singapore government and we did learn it during the conversation with our friend. Being a digital marketing agency in Singapore, we thought we should probably do our best to explain to our readers what it is about. And all other details a business owner may want to know about. So that is what we are here to do today. Let’s take a look at some important and basic details of the PSG Grant by the Singapore government, shall we?

What is a PSG Grant?

PSG Grant

The PSG Grant (Productivity Solutions Grant) by the Singapore government is an SME (Small and Midsize Enterprises) Grant that offers support to the businesses registered in Singapore. Most businesses were started without any modern equipment or digitization in the start. If any of those businesses would like to digitalize, modernize their business with IT Solutions and equipment, PSG Grant supports that process. 

This PSG Grant by the Singapore government supports sector-specific industries like retail, food, engineering, logistics, etc. It also supports other sector-specific industries such as Customer relationship management, financial management, data analysis, etc.

What is the Grant amount for PSG?

The Singapore government supports these businesses with up to 80% of the costs they may need. This enhanced PSG support of 80% that was started because of the 2020 Pandemic will last up to 31st March 2022. After that, the grant will go back to offering 70% of the funding support for qualifying businesses.

Which businesses are eligible to apply for the PSG Grant?

PSG Grant

There are a few eligibility criteria that you need to check to make sure that your business qualifies for the PSG Grant. Here are all the eligibility criteria your business must qualify on to apply for the PSG Grant:

  • Make sure your company or business or registered/incorporated in Singapore
  • You also need your business’s annual sales turnover to be less than S$100 million
  • Your company’s workers or employees number has to be less than 200 to apply for the grant
  • Your company must use the purchases/leased/subscribed IT solutions or equipment in Singapore

These are all the important eligibility criteria that your company needs to qualify on to apply for the grant. Now let’s take a look at the documents you need to submit to avail the PSG Grant by the Singapore government.

What documents do you need to submit for the PSG Grant?

If you have made sure that you are eligible to apply for the grant, you need to get the below documents ready to start applying.

  • For IT solutions: Get a quotation from the pre-approved vendor

For Equipment: Source for the equipment and get a quotation from the vendor

For Consultancy Service: Get a quotation from the pre-approved consultant

  • Your company’s financial statements for the last few years (preferably three years)
  • You also need to get ready the license of the software you have been using for more than a month
  • And lastly, a copy of the ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory) certificate

Now let’s see how to apply for the grant, shall we?

How to apply for the PSG Grant?

PSG Grant

After making sure that your company meets all the eligibility criteria and get the documents ready, you can start applying for the grant. 

Step 1:

Log into the Business Grants Portal site and carefully submit your application. An application can take up to four to six weeks to be processed. It can take longer than that in some cases so be patient.

Step 2: 

After the processing, you can log in to the same site to check if your application has been approved or not. If it is approved, you can accept the letter of offer by the Singapore enterprise to get started.

Step 3: 

After using the subscription/purchase/equipment for at least a month, you can file a claim.

Be sure that you don’t purchase any equipment or subscription before applying for the grant to get the support you need. You also need to make sure that you purchase only from a qualified vendor to be eligible for this grant.

How to file a claim?

To file for a claim, you need to make sure you get the required documents ready. The documents you require to file for the claim are:

  • Invoices and receipts from the purchased vendor
  • A bank statement that shows the payment made to the vendor
  • Screenshot of the license number of the software or equipment you are using
  • Usage proof or report of using the purchased the equipment or subscription for a month

Then you can file for a claim by doing the following steps:

  • Log in to the Business Grants Portal website. Then go to the ‘Claims’ tab under the ‘My Grants’ option
  • Then start entering and uploading all the necessary information and documents required for the claim
  • Fill out the declare and review section and submit the claim

Once the application for the claim is approved, you will get the necessary amount to the company’s account. You will receive an email to get confirmation on the transaction.

And that’s it. That is everything you need to know about PSG Grant, how to apply, how to file for a claim etc. If you require any further assistance to apply for this grant, you can also hire a professional tech solution. 
We hope this blog was informational and useful. For more similar business-related content, make sure to take a look at Shadowbizz digital marketing blog.

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8 best tools to design your logo for free

A logo is one of the most important parts of branding your business online. Hence, of course, designing a logo is also an important thing in branding. We recently had a conversation with a friend of ours who is starting an online business of her own. She wanted to know how she could go about designing a unique and best logo design free. We recommended tons of apps and tools for logo design free. So here we are gonna list the same tools for logo design free we told our friend. Read the entire blog to choose the best one for your business.

As we mentioned above, logo design is an important step in taking your business online. Because a logo represents your business and people will start to recognize your business through it as time goes. So if you are looking for a good digital marketing agency to brand and market your business, take a look at Shadowbizz – Digital marketing services

Now, let’s get back to the blog, shall we?


Hatchful - logo design free

Hatchful is an online logo design free site by Shopify that lets you create stunning logos in just a few minutes. You don’t need to have any kind of special graphic designing knowledge to design a creative logo in Hatchful. All you need to do is select a few preferences according to your online business and Hatchful will line up a good amount of designs for you to choose from. You can select the one that you like or match your business and edit it however you want. 

You will have a good and matching logo for your business in just a few minutes without any hassle.


logo design tool - Canva

Canva is one of the top logo design free tools that you can use to create the perfect logo for your business. Even though Canva is popular for the posts you can create for social media platforms, you can also use it for logo design. You have to select the logo template and choose which industry your business belongs to. You can also search your company if it is a common word to get some accurate logo designs. Then you can drag and drop the design and change it, customize it however you want. It is so simple and easy without any hidden cost at all. 

Canva also has a paid version that offers an even more range of designs, graphics, and fonts you can use. But you can create a decent logo design with the free version itself.


Zyro is an online logo design free tool that anyone can use to create a logo. You need no experience with graphic designing or logo designing at all. You just need to enter your business’s name, choose from the templates available and start customizing. You can change anything you want according to your business and preference. And you will have a creative logo designed just for your business in a few minutes.


logo design free

Ucraft is an online website building platform but it also offers logo design free tools for anyone. You can easily create an innovative logo for free with all the icons the site has to offer. The platform is completely free to use but you do have to sign up to download the design you created. But after signing up, you can download your logo in high-resolution free without any charge at all.


MarkMaker is a very simple tool that anyone can use to design a sophisticated and unique logo design free. Once you visit the site, you have to enter your brand or website’s name and the tool will customize tons of logo designs for you to choose from. You can filter the ones you don’t need from that list and finalize the ones you want. There is no charge for downloading it and the tool is free to use. But they do offer a pricing plan to access more features if you need them.


design evo logo maker

Design Evo is one of the most used and best logo design free tools. The site offers thousands of unique and amazing templates for you to choose from when you are designing a logo. You can customize what kind of designs you need according to your brand’s industry or anything you want. You can also edit the texts, icons, etc. of all the templates to make sure it looks good for your website. 

Adobe Spark’s Logo Maker

Most people don’t know that Adobe offers a free logo maker online but you do now. You can create a distinctive logo design free from the hundreds of icons and designs this tool has to offer. You do not need to sign up to create a brand new logo with this logo maker. You have to enter your business’s industry, name, and a small slogan to get the recommended design options. You can choose any logo from it and edit it however you want.

Logo Garden

logo garden

Logo Garden is another one of the best logo design free tools that you can use to create a good logo design. You can select the category of your business and search for the kind of symbols and icons you are looking for. Then you can choose from the hundreds of results and create your logo without any prior experience. 

If you want someone else to create your original logo design, the tool has an option for that too. You can click on the ‘Make my logo for me’ option on the site and pay for the design. There is no charge for using the tool on your own but you have to pay if you need help.

And these are some of the tools you can use to create a logo design for free. But if you are afraid that your logo might not be an original one if you create it on your own, you can also hire someone to do it for you. These are cost-saving options but professional help can be required for starting a business.

If you would like to read more about business-related blogs, take a look at Shadowbizz – Digital Marketing Blog now.

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7 best places to have corporate photoshoot in Singapore

Getting a decent and corporate photoshoot for your business is one of the most important things to do when you are starting a starting business. There are a lot of reasons why a corporate photoshoot is an important thing to do. But the main reason is because you get to present your business in the most professional and amazing way possible. First impressions do matter when it comes to running a business. And how customers look at your business changes if you don’t get things done professionally.

Like corporate photoshoot, a website and SEO is another important thing that businesses should focus on. If you want a professionally developed website along with an SEO service for it, Shadowbizz Digital Marketing Agency can help you with it. Being an experienced website design company, we can help you make sure that your business has a perfectly designed website and provide SEO service in Singapore for the same.

Meanwhile, let’s take a look at some of the best places you should look at a corporate photoshoot Singapore, shall we?

White Room Studio

corporate photoshoot Singapore
Image from: White Room Studio

White Room Studio is one of the prestigious corporate photoshoot locations in Singapore. With excellent values and talent in capturing the perfect moment, they can, as a result, make sure you have all the shots you need to get started with your business. And also any other photoshoots such as event photography.

Address:219 River Valley Road . Level 2 Singapore 238277
Contact information:Phone: +65 6235 7037enquiry@whiteroomstudio.com.sg
Price range:Starts from S$350 for corporate photoshoot

Vivid Snaps

corporate photography
Image from: Vivid Snaps

Vivid Snaps excels at all things corporate and similarly corporate photoshoots. From professional video production to corporate photoshoot Singapore, they are a highly experienced photo studio you can completely trust to get the pictures and also shots right.

Address:30 Kallang Place, #07-24, Singapore 339159
Contact information:Phone: +65 9482 5300contact@vividsnaps.com
Price range:You can visit their website to get a direct quote


With a great passion and talent for photography and videography, PhotoInc provides a satisfactory corporate photoshoot service to their clients and customers. From event photography coverage for all kinds of businesses and events to capturing the perfect headshots for corporate purposes, they have a rather keen eye.

Address:Blk 3026 Ubi Road 1 #02-156 Singapore 408719
Contact information:Phone: +6590080500contact@PhotoInc.sg
Price range:You can contact them to get the best price for corporate photoshoots

Instant Glamour

Being one of the best and also the oldest photo studios in town, they offer the best corporate photoshoot services for any kind of business. They have a knack for bringing out the best during the photoshoots.

Address:6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, #B1-12, Singapore 039594
Contact information:Phone: +656339 3998info@instantglamour.com
Price range:Price for corporate packages tart from $95

Digital Negative

corporate photoshoot Singapore
Image from: Digital Negative

Digital Negative is run by a couple of identical brothers with an amazing eye for commercial photography. They have been pretty popular around Singapore for their work and also because how they help their customers reach the potential they want to with their corporate photoshoots.

Address:2 Tannery Rd, #03-01, Singapore 347720
Contact information:Phone: +6591072621admin@digitalnegative.co
Price range:Contact the studio directly to get perfect pricing list

Bespoke Photography

With years and years of experience in the field, Bespoke Photography not only takes stunning corporate photoshoots but also makes sure that you feel completely welcome and comfortable.

Address:125 Geylang East Ave 1Singapore 381125
Contact information:Phone: +658338 1249hello@bespokephotography
Price range:Starts from $150 / hour for 10 hours

Fire Fly Photography

Fire Fly Photography provides everything you may need to create a branding image for your business. From usual corporate headshots to video production services and also 360 office tours to tell the story of you and your business.

Address:1 Yishun Industrial Street 1A’Posh Bizhub, #07-19Singapore 768160
Contact information:Phone: +65 91473301info@fireflyphotographysg.com
Price range:Corporate photoshootPackage starts from $150. You can also contact them for a personalized quote.

And these are some of the best corporate photoshoot Singapore studios for you to take a look at. The price ranges we have mentioned are according to the prices we have seen on their websites while publishing this post. You can make sure by visiting their websites or directly contacting yourself while booking for a professional photoshoot.

If you are just starting out and would like an experienced digital marketing agency in Singapore to help you out with all things business, contact Shadowbizz now. We provide services like SEO service in Singapore, Website design in Singapore, web hosting in Singapore and so much more. You can get everything you need done for your small business with the help of a professional digital marketing agency.

If you liked reading this post and also would like to take a look at more similar business related and digital marketing related content, take a look at Shadowbizz Digital marketing blog now.

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“Free Instagram Like” -Do not buy it Earn it!

If you have been around Instagram for at least a few months you might be familiar with a concept called Free Like Instagram. It is a concept where people buy likes from a site or any other service provider to make it seem like they have a lot of likes. This sounds so easy, right? You no longer have to work hard to get the engagement rate or the follower count you want for your account. But is this Free like Instagram thing worth it? Is it the best way to grow on Instagram?

Certainly not. And technically, you are even growing when you start to buy likes or followers. You are just buying them and you are not going to get any good thing out of them. If you are still confused, let us help you understand. Read on to know why you should never fall for these free like Instagram services and work hard for it on your own.

instagram growth

Why should you never buy free like Instagram?

Your account could get suspended/banned/deleted:

Yes, Instagram could shut your account down if they monitor some suspicious activity. And suspicious activity does include buying fake likes and followers. Instagram can monitor every little detail about how you post when you post and the engagement of your posts. So if they believe you are some third party help to get your account to look popular, they will do something about it.

First, you may get a warning, and then your account will be blocked from liking or commenting, or following for a certain time. If you continue the activity even after all these blockings, your account could be permanently shut down for violating their terms and conditions.

It will not help get sales or leads:

free like Instagram

By deciding to go for these free like Instagram, you will not see any change in your sales or generating leads. Your account will be just the same and so will be your engagement. Because these services mostly do not provide any real people liking your posts and asking them to visit your site or account. You will get automatic likes from bots and then that is it. Nothing else will happen.

Buying followers and likes will only make you look like you have a lot of followers or likes and nothing else. 

Your account will look fishy or spammy:

If you buy likes for all of the posts you post, no one will want to work with you. If you are using Instagram to meet and connect with real people with who you might end up working, this is not the way to do it. One way or another, people will find out that something looks fishy about your account, and brands or people, or customers would not like to connect with you.

That is the opposite of what you want to do in social media so don’t go for free like Instagram.

Now you know some reasons why you should never trust these free like Instagram services. Let’s take a look at how you can grow and increase your engagement organically, shall we?

How to grow on Instagram organically?

instagram likes

There are a lot of ways to grow on Instagram without using those free like Instagram services. We have listed a few below:

  • Monetize your account according to the niche you are in. If you are just using it for personal purposes, you can select the personal blog category and go from there.
  • Post good quality content. People usually like the kind of content that helps them in some way. If you are into fashion, post about styling tips. If your account is about marketing, tell them about how they learned marketing and how they do too. It should be simple and meaningful for them.
  • Post stories regularly too. Instagram stories are just as important as stories. Only 10% of your audience see your Instagram posts. But the reach of the Instagram stories can be a bit more if you post intriguing stories.
  • Don’t forget about the reels. Reels are the most important thing you need to work on if you want to grow on Instagram these days. You can easily find thousands of people across the platform who have shown interest in similar content with good and engaging videos.
  • Never steal content from other businesses or creators. If you do get inspiration from them, try to give them credit. Because they did work hard to get that idea and maybe if you give proper credits, they might even want to collaborate with you.
  • Engage with your audience the right way. Always reply to their comments if you think it needs a reply. Don’t forget to check your inbox and reply to them too.
  • Research well on hashtags and use them in all of your posts. Hashtags help to reach people that aren’t following you but following that hashtag. It is one of the best ways to find more people who is interested in your account.

And those are all the tips and things you can do instead of going for free like Instagram service. And to let you know, don’t obsess too much over the follower’s count and the engagement rate. It is okay to concentrate on it but that is not the only thing that matters. Even if you have a small audience, it is important to have a trusting and good community. That is what matters the most. 

Numbers don’t matter. So just keep going. For more useful and similar tips, make sure to check Shadowbizz blog now!

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How to create a website? Step by step guide

Can you believe that we can easily learn how website is created without having to spend months or even years learning to code? Well, you have to. That is the norm now. A few years ago websites were created only by professional website developers who knew all about HTML, CSS, etc. But now thanks to amazing website-building platforms like WordPress, anyone can try and create their website. But you still need to know how website is created using these website-building platforms, right?

That is what this blog is about. Let’s go through the three important things you need to learn about how website is created. And after that, you can go on and build a website yourself for your small business or for anything you need for. Read on!

How website is created? 

Step 1: Buy a domain name

how website is created

Before you can do anything about creating your website, you need a domain name. A domain name will be the URL of your website and you need to have a unique and professional domain name if you want your website to reach people. The main thing about a domain name is that it needs to pair with your business or website name. For example, if you are starting an online magazine with the name ‘Soul Talk’, your domain name should be something like soultalk.com, soultalk.org, soultalk.net.

It is recommended to choose basic and professional web addresses like .org, .net, .com for your website. If you create a website just for a certain country and it doesn’t need to be accessed by another country, you can go for a web address like .sg. 

Where to get a domain name?

Sites like Godaddy and Bluehost offer domain names at a fair price for some time. You can buy the right domain name you need for your business personal website to make sure that whenever someone enters that web address in a browser, they can reach your website.

Domain name cost:

Godaddy – Average cost starts from as low as $2 per month

Bluehost– Average cost for domain name starts from $17.99 per year

Namecheap – An average domain name cost starts from as low as $7.98 per year

Step 2: Find a hosting provider

how website is created

Hosting is another important thing to learn on how website is created. Hosting is how your website gets to the internet and that is why it is an important step you need to do while creating a website. So how do you host your website? You can easily find a hosting website provider online. Some of the most common and trusted website hosting providers are Bluehost, Dreamhost, etc. You can avail the hosting service from these sites to make sure your website runs the way you want it to. There will be a small payment you will need to make to avail these services.

Hosting service cost:

Bluehost – Starting at $2.95 per month

Dreamhost – Starting at $2.59 per month

Hostinger – Starting at $1.99 per month

Step 3: Choose a platform

website creation

The next step is to choose the right platform where you want to create your website. The most popular and trusted website-building platforms are WordPress, Wix, and Shopify.

Also read: Which Is The Best Platform To Build Your E-Commerce Website?


WordPress is an open-source platform that is completely free to install and start using. You can easily customize it and learn how website is created with simple Steps. From e-commerce sites to simple personal blogs, WordPress lets you create any kind of website according to your needs. There is also an amazing collection of WordPress themes that you can choose from according to how you want your website to look. It is recommended to choose the paid ones to get the best support you need than the free themes.

There is also a site called Theme Forest that offers an even more wide variety of WordPress themes for you to choose from.


Wix is a website-building platform that is pretty simple and easier to use than WordPress. It is perfect for people who are not looking for many add-ons for their website. Wix can be good for blogging and simple e-commerce websites to start with. 


Shopify is for people who have the means to pay for a bit more extra than Wix and WordPress. This website building platform isn’t for any kind of website. It is specifically designed for e-commerce websites. If you are looking for a platform to create a website only for shopping and e-commerce, Shopify can be a good option.

If you feel intimidated by all these steps, you can always hire a good digital marketing agency in Singapore to do the work for you.

And these are the three main steps everyone needs to learn about how website is created. And do you know what is another best thing about this? You get to have a new skill and create a website at the same time. It is a big process but it can also be fun to learn if you see it that way.

Make sure to check Shadowbizz’s blog to read more similar content!

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Don’t just hire an SEO agency based on their portfolio. Make sure you check on these

How would you normally look for an SEO agency? Most people check on the basic things like the agency’s experience, how many clients they have helped so far, how good they are with keyword ranking if their clients are top-ranking websites etc. If you would have asked me how to find the right SEO agency for your website a few years ago, I would have told you the same thing that I mentioned above. So what has changed now?

A few years ago, a friend of mine recently started her website that is about showcasing her art. She mainly did it to attract more clients and since she is just starting, she decided to do everything by herself (there might be other reasons like not being able to afford help). And there is nothing wrong with starting just by yourself if you ask me. We all gotta come from somewhere right? Well, after a few months she got exhausted and lost all motivation and just decided to look for a good SEO agency for SEO service in Singapore.

At that time, I wasn’t in this business so I just said everything I mentioned above. That is all I knew at that time I guess. Checking the portfolios of the SEO agency and making sure all of the keywords they said their clients are ranking is true, these are the things that she did. But is it really enough? Do we just search up SEO agencies online and pick the agency that is affordable and has worked with a lot of clients with ranking keywords?

To answer your question, No. It is not enough. Then what is? What should we check before jumping in bed with an SEO agency? Let’s find out. Keep reading.

Things to make sure about an SEO agency before hiring them:

Keyword Search Volume:

seo agency - keyword volume

So you found an SEO agency that you think fits into your budget and criteria? Took a look at their portfolio and their keywords ranking list? Okay, they won’t lie about the keywords that are ranking because you can easily find them out by searching. But do you know the search volume of that specific keyword? 

The search volume of a keyword is the number of times a keyword is being searched every month. If a keyword is only being searched for 10 or 20 times in a whole month, you can easily rank in the top 10 searches without putting in a lot of effort. So before you go into paying them, check whether an SEO agency’s ranking keywords are of search volume. Otherwise, you will probably get scammed.

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Promising Number of Keywords:

SEO agency - keywords

Some agencies won’t mention how many keywords they can work on to get it ranking on the first pages. Most agencies don’t mention them on their pages but will make sure that you know the amount before signing on with them. So if you have selected an SEO agency and haven’t had a conversation with them about this, do it now. Because you may end up with just 3 or 4 ranking keywords for your website after paying them tons of money. And a few ranking keywords is not going to help you get the traffic you need.

Content Writing Service:

If you are a content writer yourself and do not need any help with writing content for your website, maybe this won’t be a problem for you. But you still need to figure out which keywords to use in your content to make sure it shows up on people’s searches. A lot of people select an SEO agency without discussing how much content they can deliver.

They should be able to help you out with descriptions, blogs etc for the amount you are paying. So don’t go for an SEO agency without making sure that they can deliver the content you need for your website.

Reinventing with SEO:

Even Though SEO is an old concept, it is changing and emerging every few years. The rules that applied to SEO years ago aren’t even here anymore. So whether an SEO agency is reinventing themselves with the growing technology and the SEO concepts is pretty important. 

Reporting Format:

Always make sure that the reports of the work they do are flexible for you to understand. Discuss how often you need a report for all the work they are doing and they should deliver it to you beforehand so that things don’t fall apart after deciding to join them. Most SEO agencies will prepare a report once or twice a week or depending on the amount of work.

Customer Support:


An SEO agency that doesn’t have good customer support is not something you should go with. You should be able to address your concerns and have an answer to those concerns as soon as possible. That doesn’t mean you should text them all day and every day (just making it clear). This is a very simple matter that most people do not discuss. So make sure what kind of customer support you would need and discuss it with them when you are signing up. For example, if you would like to learn from the process, ask them to give feedback on what your website is about etc. 


pricing - SEO agency

Of course, you need to check whether the pricing list of an SEO agency is affordable for you. Don’t let them surprise you at the last minute. Be direct and let them know your budget beforehand. You will be saving both your and their time by just letting them know that budget and making it clear that you don’t want to go overboard.

Portfolios and Reviews:

And finally, check their portfolios and reviews by clients. Yes, this is not the only thing you should check. There is a whole list of other things mentioned above before coming to this process. Go read those again if you are not clear.

And that is all. The next time you decide to simply jump at your chance in selecting an SEO agency only based on their reviews, remember this blog. For more informational and helpful blogs, take a look at Shadowbizz. You won’t be disappointed.

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10 best clothing online stores in Singapore

Online shopping has become the best way to shop these days for everyone and everything. From everyday clothes to home decor, the first thing we do whenever we want to buy something is to look for it online. Although offline stores are an amazing way to shop, a lot of people believe that online shopping gives them a lot of options to choose from. And we agree! Out of everything you can buy online, we are gonna talk about online shopping Singapore clothes. If you have been looking for a list of the best online shopping Singapore clothes sites, this is your place.

Now, let’s not waste any more time and get right on with it, shall we?

Love, Bonito

online shopping SIngapore clothes- Love bonito

Love, Bonito is always on the top of every list about online shopping Singapore clothes. The reason for that is pretty simple. The site offers the most trendy and stylish designs you can ever get. You can expect new pieces to drop every week on the site. Do you know what are the things that customers love so much about Love, Bonito? They even provide stylist sessions and host fashion events whenever possible. What more do you need right?

Price range: $25 – $45

Highlights of the shop: Best trendy designs, Good material, Excellent customer service



Streetwear is pretty important in Singapore so you need a store where you can get all the streetwear you ever need, right? Pomelo is one of the best street attire online shopping Singapore clothes shops. From casual wear to fancy dresses, their options are quite amazing to go with. They even offer free shipping for customers who live within Singapore.

Price range: $24 to $44

Highlights of the shop: Good quality and durable pieces, Free shipping for Singapore customers


online shopping Singapore - fayth

Fayth is known for its unique designs and statement-making modern pieces. A lot of people choose Fayth because of the popular Mommy and Me collection. But there are a lot more to take a look at if you want to be cute, chic and trendy at the same time.

Price range: $17 to $59

Highlights of the shop: Affordable and unique clothing, different types of pieces to choose from

The Closet Lover

the closet lover

The Closet lover is one of the best online shopping Singapore sites for people who would elegance over anything else. The outfits they provide are pretty and perfect for casual and everyday wear. They also sell shoes and accessories you may need to complete your look. 

Price range: $19 to $75

Highlights of the shop: Provides gift cards, High-quality pieces, Best for dresses, tops and outerwear


Dressabelle is famous for the variety of office wear options for women in Singapore. Another thing customers love about this online shopping Singapore clothes site is that they provide accurate and amazing product descriptions. From size chart, apparel material to everything you might need to know about the dresses you are looking for is provided.

Price range: $27 – $38

Highlights of the shop: Best office wear, have a 2-week return policy, provides free shipping for normal mail

Her Velvet Vase (HVV)

her velvet vase

Her Velvet Case is one of the best and most popular online shopping Singapore sites. You can choose HVV if you are someone looking for elegant, beautiful and feminine designs. Their most popular items include midi dresses, floral prints, and casual blouses. 

Price range: $26 to $58

Highlights of the shop: Special customer loyalty program, Elegant and unique designs, free shipping for orders over $100


Reebonz is known for offering luxury fashion products at competitive prices. The best thing everyone loves buying at Reebonz is their amazing and latest luxury handbags. You can also accessories like watches, jewellery to match whatever that you decide to buy from them. They also provide instalment payment options. You can pay the amount of the items you bought for about 6 to 12 months depending on what you bought and which plan you chose.

Price range: $194 – $76,000

Highlights of the shop: Best for luxury bags, provide flexible payment options

Love, Fioyo

love fioyo

Love, Fioyo is one of the well-known fashion stores in Singapore you can never miss. They offer limited edition designs and versatile designs and pieces for you to choose from. If you are someone who doesn’t like to follow mainstream fashion trends, Love Fioyo can be the perfect place for your dreams. 

Price range: $19 – $89

Highlights of the shop: Refined and unique designs have an option to register yourself for a virtual stylist, an amazing one-stop shopping site

Love and Bravery

love and bravery - Online shopping Singapore clothes

Love and Bravery offers a variety of beautiful designs for young women. Most women choose this online shopping Singapore site to shop for tropical outfits. You can easily find the prints, styles, fabric or anything you are looking for on their user-friendly site. They are also available offline in Singapore if you would like to check out their collections offline.

Price range: $25 to $58

Highlights of the shop: High-quality and variety of outfits, affordable prices, easy to use website

MDS Collection

MDS is popular for the different kinds of casual wear options you can select from. From activewear to cute brunch dresses, you can always find what you are looking for here. They also have a list of offline stores where you can get help from their stylist to pick out the perfect outfit you need.

Price range: $24.90 to $79.90

Highlights of the shop: They offer gift cards and lifetime VIP perks for local clients, versatile outfits to choose from
Hope you enjoyed the blog about the best online shopping Singapore clothes stores. For more informative and useful blogs, take a look at Shadowbizz Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore now.

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10 best SEO tools to start your website’s SEO

The main part about learning online marketing either for yourself or your company’s website is having the right tools for SEO. You cannot learn in the best way possible if you are not using the best tools for SEO. So if you are just starting and confused after trying to do everything on your own without doing any research, don’t worry. You are not the first person to make that mistake and you won’t be the last for sure.

SEO is like the most important thing that anyone needs to get a hang of whenever they are entering the online marketing field. There are other things to learn like website development, social media, graphic designing etc. But SEO is the most simple and important about the field. So if you are struggling to learn it at first, don’t give up. And yes, achieving the level of SEO score you want your site to be isn’t easy either. So do not give up just after a couple of months of trying. It takes at least six months to completely understand and improve your knowledge about SEO if this is your first time. But we do have a few things in mind that might help you a little a bit faster and in a more efficient way.

So about the best tools for SEO? We can help you pick them. That is what we are here for. Let’s get right on it, shall we?

Best tools for SEO

Tools for SEO Features Price
Google PageSpeed InsightsAnalyse any specific URLs, get ratings and suggestionsFree to use
Google Search ConsoleCheck how your website is performing in most of the search enginesFree to use
Google AnalyticsAnalyse the traffic and issues with your websitesStandard version is free and there is a recurring payment for Premium version
Google Ads Keyword PlannerHelpful to get started with keyword researchFree to use
Yoast SEOHelps you analyse every single post you want to update in your website by recommending the best SEO suggestionsFree version available. The cost of premium is $89 per year
CopyscapeUsed to make sure there aren’t one too many copied contents in the websiteFree version available. For premium version: 3¢ per search (up to 200 words) plus 1¢ per extra 100 words
Uber SuggestAllows you to keep tabs on almost all of the SEO needs for your websitesFree trial available. The tools starts from $12 per month
Google TrendsLet’s you know about the trends following your keywordFree to use
Answer The PublicAllows you to do deep research about your keywords and phrases or questions surrounding themFree version available. Pro version costs $99 per month
SEMrushAnalyse your domain with your competition’s domain to get perfect comparison results and suggestionsFree trial available. The tool starts from $119 per month

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Google PageSpeed Insights

tools for SEO - google pagespeed

Google Pagespeed Insights is one of the most used and trusted tools for SEO. It is easy to use for beginners. This SEO tool can analyse any URL, rate the performance and recommend any issues that need fixing. It is free to use, unlike other similar tools for SEO. This can be very useful when you are starting out and do not understand a lot of complicated concepts of SEO.

Google Search Console

google search console

If you always want to keep tabs on how your website is performing, Google search Console does the job. You will be able to see how your website is performing in the search engines, check for any issues that need fixing, and monitor all the important SEO things clicks, impressions and views. So it is pretty good for beginners to use for their website. Google search console is also one of the most used tools for SEO for small businesses and freelancers.

Google Analytics

google analytics

This has always been one of the best tools for SEO for everyone. Google Analytics makes sure that you can monitor all of the traffic that you are getting for your website. It doesn’t let you know which keywords are the ones bringing this traffic to you but you can monitor where and when and so many traffic essentials with Google Analytics.

Google Ads Keyword Planner

tools for seo - google ads

You must have guessed it already. This tool for SEO is used to track and analyse the keywords. You simply enter a keyword and you will get every bit of information you need for that keyword to get started. From competition to monthly searches, you will be able to analyse everything about that keyword before using it. So if you are worried about not finding the right keywords and not being able to analyse it properly, this can help.

Yoast SEO

yoast SEO

Yoast is another one of the most used tools for SEO. This particular tool is useful if you post blog posts but it isn’t just limited to blog posts. All you need to do is enter the keyword you want to use and Yoast will guide you into how to make your page or post more optimized. Yoast is one of best tools for SEO for any sites so it is totally worth it.



Copyscape is a useful tool if you want to check for any copied content before posting. And it is good to use it because your SEO ranking can be affected if Google finds out that you are using one too many copied contents on your page. You simply enter the URL of the page you want to check and you will be able to find all the copied or contents that match with other websites easily.

Uber Suggest

tools for SEo - ubersuggest

Uber Suggest is one of the leading and user-friendly tools for SEO. This tool allows you to check website traffic, keyword rankings, content and technical issues, backlinks and much more research for your website. It is pretty easy to use and beginners can easily understand the basics of SEO with it. You can also easily track your competitors progress, keywords and much more with this tool.

Google Trends

google trends

If you want to check the trend of a topic before deciding to post about it on your website, Google Trends is perfect to do just that. You can easily get the data of the topic and how trendy it is or was. This tool is best if you are new and unsure about selecting which trends will be perfect for you and your website.

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Answer The Public

answer the public

Answer the public can provide you with a lot of information about the keywords for your websites. It isn’t just a tool that provides information about the keyword but also about frequent queries or questions or phrases being used by people around your keyword. That sounds interesting, right? It is and it is quite helpful.


tools for SEO - semrush

SEMRush helps to compare and analyse your website with your competitions. You can directly see your domain and your competition’s domain and see the analytics to get some ideas on how to improve your website. It also provides all the other basic tools for SEO like rank tracking, impressions, etc.

So now that you have seen all need about the best tools for SEO, let’s take a look at why tools for SEO is important for a small business.

Why are tools for SEO important?

  • It is important because you can get a chance to learn about your competitors strategy. A lot of tools for SEO lets you track the progresses and strategies of the companies or sites that you go up against. So with these tools, you get a chance to maybe plan your strategy according those sites or even be better and get a better SEO score and traffic.
  • You can easily find high-converting and good keywords for your sites with these tools for SEO. Whether it is for a certain product or your whole site, these tools will help you get the best keywords you can rank on without having to manually search every single sites.
  • You can track the progress of your site’s SEO with tools for SEO easily. If you have clients who you need to show the progresses and ROI to, these tools for SEO are more than useful.

Hope you enjoyed this blog and found it useful for your SEO journey. For more similar content, check ShadowBizz Digital Marketing now.

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Beware of this if you are not sending emails for marketing

If you are familiar with marketing and any kind of marketing method, you might know how important email is for marketing. These days businesses and people think that maybe it isn’t as important as everyone makes it out to be. Which is not true. If you are one of those businesses or people who think using email for marketing isn’t important or good, read this blog till the end.

Social media advertising, building a presence in social media are all amazing marketing strategies but email is much more important. There are tons of reasons we can tell you why but we have listed a few important reasons for the question “Why is email marketing so important?”. So read one.

Why is email marketing so important?

Email for marketing allows you to connect with your customer in real-time

email for marketing

Email is the only kind of communication (other than messages and calls) that is accessible by everyone. Everyone who owns a phone will have access to emails. But social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter are not the same. Most people these days prefer not to use these platforms constantly because of how much time they spend on them. Which is a very understandable thing considering social media distracts us way too much. But emails aren’t like that. You cannot get distracted by checking emails and it is not possible. So of course people love getting connected with you through emails in real-time.

Emails can be personalized

Who doesn’t love personalized things, right? Almost everyone does! That is one of the reasons why using email for marketing is a great idea. You can personalize your message to each customer to make them feel important and voice your message at the same time. People love it when they are addressed personally and it has been proven that people engage with these emails much more than you think.

It is both easy and affordable

why mail is important

Yeah, you heard it right. Email for marketing is so simple and affordable at the same time. Even with spending so much money on your social media advertisements, you won’t get half of the result you were expecting. But with emails, you have no work to do except getting customers and sending them messages often. You don’t have to put too much work into it. Don’t believe us? Look into it yourself!

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Email for marketing helps with sales and traffic

Your sales pitch is much easier when it comes to email marketing if you do it the right way. Since you can have real-time connections with your customers, you can send them special messages, sales pitches, birthday messages and so much more to build trust and connection. And trust will lead to customers starting to get more interest in your brand or business. Because it is all about communication. You can easily increase traffic and sales by sending the emails at the right time with the right links and offers.

Email marketing will never go away

Unlike other platforms and marketing techniques that go out of trend from time to time, email marketing never goes away. And that might be the perfect answer for the question “Why is email marketing so important?”. You don’t have to rely on trends and put all your hard work into one platform and then worry about your effort when the platform goes out of trend. Email is the easiest and one of the most used platforms forever. It will never go away so you can keep building your customer list forever.

Bottom line, Stop looking for reasons as to “Why is email marketing so important?” and start doing it. Because you will see the results yourself. 

If you liked this blog about email for marketing, visit Shadowbizz to read similar content.

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7 best and easy to use tools for email marketing – Small business

Email marketing is one of the most common ways of marketing and advertising. But a lot of small businesses don’t start doing it because either they don’t know what it is or think that it might be expensive. So we are here to solve that problem. What is email marketing? It is simple. You send emails to your customers regularly (once a week or once a month) to advertise about your new arrivals, services, or just give them a quick update. It is very easy to do but you cannot manually send emails to every single one of your customers. That is where these tools for email marketing come in.

They help in sending the mails to all of your customers at the time. This is pretty helpful and amazing considering it will take you hours if you do it manually. So what are these tools for email marketing? Are they free to use? If not, how much do they cost?

This blog talks about all of that. So be sure to read the entire blog to find the best tools for email marketing.

Tools for email marketing


Sender is arguably one of the tools for email marketing out there for amazing reasons. It has 3 main plans for you to choose from. Free forever, Monthly subscription, and Prepaid credits. The free forever plan lets you send up to 15,000 emails per month and it has a limit to subscribers of 2500. In addition, Sender has tons of amazing features including tracking your emails, when they were opened, how many of your customers read it and clicked the links included etc. All of these features are also available in the free version.

tools for email marketing - sender
Sender Pricing List


Sendinblue is an amazing choice for business owners who value their customers’ satisfaction and having a good relationship with them. It has a lot of templates for you to create your emails and personalize them. You can choose from four pricing plans to get started on Sendinblue, Free, Lite, Premium and Enterprise.

send in blue
Send in blue

Pabbly Email Marketing

Pabbly Marketing is a great choice for new business owners or people who do not have much experience in this email marketing. You can easily send emails to your customers in bulk by just signing up and verifying your email. It offers four different plans for you to choose from: Free, Rookie, Pro and Advance.

email marketing - pabbly
Pabbly Email Marketing Pricing


SendPulse is another easy to use tool for email marketing for tons of reasons. You can set the right time to send your mails to the customers by tracking your customers open time, behaviours etc. with SendPulse easily. You can analyze your customers according to their gender, age, clicks etc. if you use SendPulse. It is completely free to use but they also offer paid plans such as Standard, Pro and Enterprise according to your needs.

Sendpulse pricing


Omnisend is one of the best tools for email marketing, especially for small and medium businesses out there. You can get started and easily send your emails just like any other email marketing tool with amazing features. The email marketing tool can be used in four different plans: Free, Standard, Pro and Enterprise.

omnisend - email marketing
Omnisend pricing


GetResponse is known for its cheap yet amazing service in email marketing. The features you can get by signing up with GetResponse are Autoresponders, List creator and management and more. It offers different plans that start from Basic (costs $15/per month) and ends with Professional (costs $99/per month). You can also set up a custom price by contacting them.

Get response pricing


Mailchimp is one of the most popular tools for email marketing. Almost everyone who tried to start or know about email marketing knows about this one and that is why you should too. You can get all the features from all the other email marketing tools mentioned above in this one too. Although Mailchimp isn’t completely free it offers different plans that can be affordable to most small and medium businesses.

Did you find this post about tools for email marketing helpful? Want to read more similar blogs? Visit Shadowbizz and get started.

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