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Email marketing is one of the most common ways of marketing and advertising. But a lot of small businesses don’t start doing it because either they don’t know what it is or think that it might be expensive. So we are here to solve that problem. What is email marketing? It is simple. You send emails to your customers regularly (once a week or once a month) to advertise about your new arrivals, services, or just give them a quick update. It is very easy to do but you cannot manually send emails to every single one of your customers. That is where these tools for email marketing come in.

They help in sending the mails to all of your customers at the time. This is pretty helpful and amazing considering it will take you hours if you do it manually. So what are these tools for email marketing? Are they free to use? If not, how much do they cost?

This blog talks about all of that. So be sure to read the entire blog to find the best tools for email marketing.

Tools for email marketing


Sender is arguably one of the tools for email marketing out there for amazing reasons. It has 3 main plans for you to choose from. Free forever, Monthly subscription, and Prepaid credits. The free forever plan lets you send up to 15,000 emails per month and it has a limit to subscribers of 2500. In addition, Sender has tons of amazing features including tracking your emails, when they were opened, how many of your customers read it and clicked the links included etc. All of these features are also available in the free version.

tools for email marketing - sender
Sender Pricing List


Sendinblue is an amazing choice for business owners who value their customers’ satisfaction and having a good relationship with them. It has a lot of templates for you to create your emails and personalize them. You can choose from four pricing plans to get started on Sendinblue, Free, Lite, Premium and Enterprise.

send in blue
Send in blue

Pabbly Email Marketing

Pabbly Marketing is a great choice for new business owners or people who do not have much experience in this email marketing. You can easily send emails to your customers in bulk by just signing up and verifying your email. It offers four different plans for you to choose from: Free, Rookie, Pro and Advance.

email marketing - pabbly
Pabbly Email Marketing Pricing


SendPulse is another easy to use tool for email marketing for tons of reasons. You can set the right time to send your mails to the customers by tracking your customers open time, behaviours etc. with SendPulse easily. You can analyze your customers according to their gender, age, clicks etc. if you use SendPulse. It is completely free to use but they also offer paid plans such as Standard, Pro and Enterprise according to your needs.

Sendpulse pricing


Omnisend is one of the best tools for email marketing, especially for small and medium businesses out there. You can get started and easily send your emails just like any other email marketing tool with amazing features. The email marketing tool can be used in four different plans: Free, Standard, Pro and Enterprise.

omnisend - email marketing
Omnisend pricing


GetResponse is known for its cheap yet amazing service in email marketing. The features you can get by signing up with GetResponse are Autoresponders, List creator and management and more. It offers different plans that start from Basic (costs $15/per month) and ends with Professional (costs $99/per month). You can also set up a custom price by contacting them.

Get response pricing


Mailchimp is one of the most popular tools for email marketing. Almost everyone who tried to start or know about email marketing knows about this one and that is why you should too. You can get all the features from all the other email marketing tools mentioned above in this one too. Although Mailchimp isn’t completely free it offers different plans that can be affordable to most small and medium businesses.

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