8 best tools to design your logo for free

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A logo is one of the most important parts of branding your business online. Hence, of course, designing a logo is also an important thing in branding. We recently had a conversation with a friend of ours who is starting an online business of her own. She wanted to know how she could go about designing a unique and best logo design free. We recommended tons of apps and tools for logo design free. So here we are gonna list the same tools for logo design free we told our friend. Read the entire blog to choose the best one for your business.

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Now, let’s get back to the blog, shall we?


Hatchful - logo design free

Hatchful is an online logo design free site by Shopify that lets you create stunning logos in just a few minutes. You don’t need to have any kind of special graphic designing knowledge to design a creative logo in Hatchful. All you need to do is select a few preferences according to your online business and Hatchful will line up a good amount of designs for you to choose from. You can select the one that you like or match your business and edit it however you want. 

You will have a good and matching logo for your business in just a few minutes without any hassle.


logo design tool - Canva

Canva is one of the top logo design free tools that you can use to create the perfect logo for your business. Even though Canva is popular for the posts you can create for social media platforms, you can also use it for logo design. You have to select the logo template and choose which industry your business belongs to. You can also search your company if it is a common word to get some accurate logo designs. Then you can drag and drop the design and change it, customize it however you want. It is so simple and easy without any hidden cost at all. 

Canva also has a paid version that offers an even more range of designs, graphics, and fonts you can use. But you can create a decent logo design with the free version itself.


Zyro is an online logo design free tool that anyone can use to create a logo. You need no experience with graphic designing or logo designing at all. You just need to enter your business’s name, choose from the templates available and start customizing. You can change anything you want according to your business and preference. And you will have a creative logo designed just for your business in a few minutes.


logo design free

Ucraft is an online website building platform but it also offers logo design free tools for anyone. You can easily create an innovative logo for free with all the icons the site has to offer. The platform is completely free to use but you do have to sign up to download the design you created. But after signing up, you can download your logo in high-resolution free without any charge at all.


MarkMaker is a very simple tool that anyone can use to design a sophisticated and unique logo design free. Once you visit the site, you have to enter your brand or website’s name and the tool will customize tons of logo designs for you to choose from. You can filter the ones you don’t need from that list and finalize the ones you want. There is no charge for downloading it and the tool is free to use. But they do offer a pricing plan to access more features if you need them.


design evo logo maker

Design Evo is one of the most used and best logo design free tools. The site offers thousands of unique and amazing templates for you to choose from when you are designing a logo. You can customize what kind of designs you need according to your brand’s industry or anything you want. You can also edit the texts, icons, etc. of all the templates to make sure it looks good for your website. 

Adobe Spark’s Logo Maker

Most people don’t know that Adobe offers a free logo maker online but you do now. You can create a distinctive logo design free from the hundreds of icons and designs this tool has to offer. You do not need to sign up to create a brand new logo with this logo maker. You have to enter your business’s industry, name, and a small slogan to get the recommended design options. You can choose any logo from it and edit it however you want.

Logo Garden

logo garden

Logo Garden is another one of the best logo design free tools that you can use to create a good logo design. You can select the category of your business and search for the kind of symbols and icons you are looking for. Then you can choose from the hundreds of results and create your logo without any prior experience. 

If you want someone else to create your original logo design, the tool has an option for that too. You can click on the ‘Make my logo for me’ option on the site and pay for the design. There is no charge for using the tool on your own but you have to pay if you need help.

And these are some of the tools you can use to create a logo design for free. But if you are afraid that your logo might not be an original one if you create it on your own, you can also hire someone to do it for you. These are cost-saving options but professional help can be required for starting a business.

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