Shadowbizz – One of the best SEO agency in Singapore, provides quality SEO Service in Singapore. We help you to rank on the first page with our ethical SEO strategy. Our Seo agency focuses on a unique SEO strategy for each line of business. The mission of shadowbizz is to provide SEO service in Singapore for small and medium businesses who are not able to spend a large amount on google ads/ other paid ads. So our Seo budget will be low and will not burn out the pockets of small businesses. In fact, we already have for you to know more about this. To know how small businesses can thrive in this digital without spending on paid ads check out SEO service for small business

What is Search
Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is making your page more lovable for your users and search engine.  To get the love of search engines you should follow some good SEO practice. To get the love of the users, your page has to be relevant to their search terms and give all the answers to their questions. Balancing these two factors with an effective SEO strategy will make your website feature at the top in the long run. We, as one of the SEO experts in Singapore, provide the best SEO service in Singapore to help small business in Singapore at an optimal cost.

To know more about SEO in simple terms read our post.

  • It increases your organic traffic to your website
  • Minimizes your amount spent on paid ads like google ads
  • Brand Reputation
Why you should hire us?

Shadowbizz is the best SEO agency in Singapore that will understand your business and give you a free SEO consultation. Then we come up with a unique SEO plan for your business. Our main focus is the content. We improve your existing content and also create content that will improve your overall ranking. SEO is an ever-changing process and we follow the best on-page and off-page optimization techniques to bring your website to the first page of search engine results.

Our Achievement:

Why we are SEO experts in Singapore:


  • Kalai owns LinkedIn SEO professional badge that is awarded only to the top 15% of professionals across the globe
  • Helped a Startup company to rank on the first page where other competitors are billion-dollar companies
  • We are SEO experts in Singapore that work on an unlimited number of keywords that bring high traffic to your website.
  • 100% ethical SEO
  • Agile SEO strategies competing with ever-changing Google ranking algorithm.
kalaimathi Shadowbizz director
Our SEO process

SEO is a continuous process. We put our continuous effort to put your website on the top, before your competitors.

  • Basic Set Up
  • SEO Audit
  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization
  • Content Marketing
Why You Should Hire US
How our SEO service is different from others?
We are confined not to limited no. of keywords in our Seo Process. Shadowbizz is a  SEO agency in Singapore that work for all the popular keywords with good search volume in your business domain. We do a detailed keyword study and come up with the best keywords that have high search volume, based on your competitor keywords, Keywords specific to local SEO.

Content creation is our key. Content marketing is the future. We create unique content tailored to your business needs. Our aim is to increase your revenue through our digital marketing plan.

We scan your Website and give a detailed Seo Report
Get your free SEO audit
Free Seo Analysis Report

    We provide a detailed SEO Status report with


    • Current Rankings.
    • Critical Errors.
    • Website strength.
    • Competitor analysis.
    • Suggested Keywords.
    • Suggestion to improve your SEO Ranking.
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