“Get to First Page on Google in 2 months” Don’t fall Prey to this statement

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No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.

This is the statement in google search console help. You can refer to Google search Console Help

Seo is not a one time process. There are several tasks that have to be done over time to get maximum benefits in the long run.

So is it not possible to get to google the first page in 2 months
Yes, it very much possible. But ask these questions to the SEO service agents who are claiming to get you the result in 2 months.

What is the techniques  SEO service agency use to improve the website Ranking?

Seo agency who use a white hack or ethical techniques will be transparent and share their techniques. Beware a “Bad SEO” is more harmful than “No SEO” If misleading and nonethical contents are created in your website then your website might even get removed from the google search index

What are the keywords for which your website is going to rank?

Keyword research and coming up with an ideal keyword list is one of the important tasks of SEO. At the end of the day, people are going to put some keywords in the search engine and your website has to be optimized for those keywords so you appear first in the search engine and the user will click you. So check whether the keywords the SEO agents are suggesting have a good search volume in your region.

  • Ranking for the keywords which does not have enough search volume is of no use. For example a Local shop saloon. Let us say it ranks first for “Stylish haircut saloon” but only 10 users search this keyword in a month then ranking first for this keyword does not make any sense. You can use google trends to check on this data
  • Keywords with good search volumes are not easy to rank, a lot of work has to be done to beat the competitors and rank before. So check whether they are working for keywords with more search volume. It might take time and effort but it will be worth it.

For example, let us consider 2 keywords

Kids haircut – 1800 searches in Singapore in a month

Child hair cut – 170 searches in Singapore in a month

It is good if the saloon shop is ranking for both keywords but what is the saloon shop is ranking only for “child haircut”

No. of people searched: 170

No. of  visitors/ Traffic your website gets: 51 (on average 31% users click rank 1 result)

Now if the saloon shop website ranks fro “Kids haircut”

No. of people searched: 1800

No. of  visitors/ Traffic your website gets: 540 (on average 31% users click rank 1 result)

So what will you prefer to get 51 visitors every month or 540 visitors every month for one particular keyword?

Later takes some effort and time maybe 4 to 6 months depending on your competitors, business, etc but it not worth the time and effort.

What next 540 visitors visit your website for a particular keyword. Do every one become your customer and drive revenue for your business.  The answer is definitely NO.

Is your SEO Service agency going to create any content for your website?

Your website content must be in a way that must turn your visitors into customers. Gifs, Videos, attractive images, understandable text are necessary to convince the users to become your customers. So check with your SEO agency whether they provide these service



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