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There are some talks about AWS migration services and how it can be useful for people using websites that have good traffic. If you’ve been wondering what the deal is and want to know more about it, we got you covered.

Here is a list of things to look out for in AWS migration services and how you can benefit off it.

Your website is running well and good on WordPress/Wix/Joomla and your business is growing. But have you ever wondered about moving your website to a complete cloud platform? There are several advantages of moving your website to a full cloud platform like AWS migration services.


WordPress is loaded with tons of heavy content such as plugins, themes etc. And as a result, your e-commerce or other businesses website’s performance may affect the user experience. Sometimes this result cannot be changed even after cleaning up the site properly and when the hardware of the site cannot be upgraded or boosted.

During these situations, you can move your existing hardware step to a large scale cloud platform to get the freedom and space required. Your site’s performance can be better and the user or customer experience with it turns positive which in turn will result in better ROI.

Faster loading websites is a crucial factor in SEO. So if you want to rank on the top and stay on the top your website must load quickly. So hosting your website in AWS migration services or any cloud platform will be a great solution.


When you host the website hosting provider, you won’t get full access to the backend database. Servers etc.

For example, if the customer requests something on your website and you want to query your database and give the result. But you do not have the control over the database server to optimize the speed or the database query to solve the problem which in turn will result in a lot of problems.

When you choose the AWS cloud platform for hosting (WordPress site), you gain full access to your server, DNS server, email server, backup, file transfer and much more. You will have the freedom to do everything you want yourself and manage it according to your business needs.

Scalability and security

If your business is growing globally and you want to have servers across the globe, AWS migration services is very helpful as it has servers across the globe. Amazon also follows pay as you go pricing, which will bring cost-effective solutions. You need not worry about estimating the resources. Resources can be anything like servers, storage spaces, developing environment, networking components. For example, if you overestimate your requirements and buy more resources then your money will be wasted on unused resources. If you underestimated your resources and bought a small capacity, during the peak time your application might fail and you might fail to serve your customers. With AWS you can increase or decrease your resources at any time. And you pay only for what you use. 

It provides excellent support and security. 

Now there are several features and products in AWS. The image shows a basic architecture of running a WordPress website on AWS architecture that might look complex. You might wonder if such a complex architecture is needed for my simple website. The answer is you can start small and add only what is needed. 

Image source: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/architecture/wordpress-best-practices-on-aws/ 

So let us take step by step

Using amazon lightsail

amazon lightsail VPC - AWS migration services

Popular sites like Wix, Squarespace and WordPress offer to host your site for you by default. Similarly, Amazon has an offer in the name of ‘LightSail’, which is a managed solution for deploying sites like WordPress and others.

The Lightsail Management Console offers simple and easy access to all the core options present in AWS so as said, you can configure and manage your server, DNS settings and your static IP addresses all by yourself. Lightsail is an amazing option for individuals or small businesses that do not have a system administration yet.

Amazon lightsail infrastructure for WordPress site

As mentioned earlier, LightSail is a cloud-based platform that offers all the things you need to start and host your WordPress site. From managed databases to load balancers, it has everything.

Run your site in the easiest way

aws migration
AWS migration services

In its simplest form, we could run your WordPress website or any website built on any platform on a single server like the diagram below. Let’s consider a WordPress website as an example throughout the blog but it can be any website. All you need is an EC2 instance running WordPress, a simple VPC with an internet gateway, and DNS configured to point your domain name to this server. The database also resides in the same ec2 instance.

Add CloudFront

aws cloudfront

Cloudfront is a content delivery network (CDN) edge location service offered by Amazon. When you add the CloudFront it will copy the contents of the servers and hold a cache of different geographical locations. If your instance is running in Singapore and a user from France types your URL. Data will be retrieved from the local cache that is maintained in the France region instead of retrieving from the Singapore server.

Customers will experience and enjoy faster loading times because the edge locations are likely closer to them.

As your website loading speed increases it will also show a tremendous increase in your SEO rankings.

Move database to a private subnet

Now your database is in the same instance where your web server is residing and it’s in the public subnet. If you want to secure your database you can move it to a private subnet. For example, if you are in the healthcare system and collect personal health information from the users that have to be kept confidential then the best thing to do is move to a private subnet. 

Also if the instance fails there are chances the database gets erased and will not have any backup.

So you can Move your database from the main EC2 instance to another instance in a private subnet.

Amazon AWS supports different database engines 

  • Amazon Aurora 
  • PostgreSQL 
  • MySQL 
  • MariaDB 
  • Oracle Database 
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Amazon Aurora, an enterprise-class relational database, is at least five times after a normal MySQL database. It is also said to be three times faster than normal PostgreSQL databases. It can replicate six copies of your data across at least three availability zones and also backs up your data continuously to Amazon S3.

So the advantage of moving to amazon aurora will be  

  1. More secure 
  2. Backups available 
  3. Faster loading 

Scaling the ec2 instance and adding a load balancer


By setting up the scaling up option, you can automatically scale up your ec2 instance at a time when there is more traffic to your website. You can also scale down the ec2 instance when the traffic reduces. This will save your cost as you need not block your resources in advance. And you can add a load balancer to divert the traffic among the different ec2 instance that is running 

Use availability zones

Now all your ec2 instance, databases are in the same server location. If there is some damage to the server from any natural calamities your entries application may be lost. A good way to implement this is to use a separate availability zone (AZ). You can do this by adding another ec2 instance which is the copy of your first instance and a read-replica instance for database instances in a different geographical location, which is termed as availability zones in Amazon AWS.


All these steps are not necessary for a simple blogger who is hosting his website in WordPress. You can upgrade to different levels based on your business needs and upgrade if your business is scaling up. And Amazon Aws follows as you go price so you will charge only for the services you used, you can cut down the service if you feel it’s no longer useful. 

We ran a simple static website you can host in amazon lightsail which is going to cost you only 1-3$ per month approximately but fast loading time is guaranteed to boost your SEO rankings 

Or if you are a fast-growing e-commerce website with around 10,000 visitors per month, you can start running your website on AWS with a single ec2 instance and database in a private subnet with a CloudFront properly. This will cost you somewhere around 40-50 USD per month but the performance will be worth it.

If you are looking to migrate your website to the cloud, contact us and also if you want to rank better in search engines take a look at our Seo services.

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