Don’t just hire an SEO agency based on their portfolio. Make sure you check on these

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How would you normally look for an SEO agency? Most people check on the basic things like the agency’s experience, how many clients they have helped so far, how good they are with keyword ranking if their clients are top-ranking websites etc. If you would have asked me how to find the right SEO agency for your website a few years ago, I would have told you the same thing that I mentioned above. So what has changed now?

A few years ago, a friend of mine recently started her website that is about showcasing her art. She mainly did it to attract more clients and since she is just starting, she decided to do everything by herself (there might be other reasons like not being able to afford help). And there is nothing wrong with starting just by yourself if you ask me. We all gotta come from somewhere right? Well, after a few months she got exhausted and lost all motivation and just decided to look for a good SEO agency for SEO service in Singapore.

At that time, I wasn’t in this business so I just said everything I mentioned above. That is all I knew at that time I guess. Checking the portfolios of the SEO agency and making sure all of the keywords they said their clients are ranking is true, these are the things that she did. But is it really enough? Do we just search up SEO agencies online and pick the agency that is affordable and has worked with a lot of clients with ranking keywords?

To answer your question, No. It is not enough. Then what is? What should we check before jumping in bed with an SEO agency? Let’s find out. Keep reading.

Things to make sure about an SEO agency before hiring them:

Keyword Search Volume:

seo agency - keyword volume

So you found an SEO agency that you think fits into your budget and criteria? Took a look at their portfolio and their keywords ranking list? Okay, they won’t lie about the keywords that are ranking because you can easily find them out by searching. But do you know the search volume of that specific keyword? 

The search volume of a keyword is the number of times a keyword is being searched every month. If a keyword is only being searched for 10 or 20 times in a whole month, you can easily rank in the top 10 searches without putting in a lot of effort. So before you go into paying them, check whether an SEO agency’s ranking keywords are of search volume. Otherwise, you will probably get scammed.

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Promising Number of Keywords:

SEO agency - keywords

Some agencies won’t mention how many keywords they can work on to get it ranking on the first pages. Most agencies don’t mention them on their pages but will make sure that you know the amount before signing on with them. So if you have selected an SEO agency and haven’t had a conversation with them about this, do it now. Because you may end up with just 3 or 4 ranking keywords for your website after paying them tons of money. And a few ranking keywords is not going to help you get the traffic you need.

Content Writing Service:

If you are a content writer yourself and do not need any help with writing content for your website, maybe this won’t be a problem for you. But you still need to figure out which keywords to use in your content to make sure it shows up on people’s searches. A lot of people select an SEO agency without discussing how much content they can deliver.

They should be able to help you out with descriptions, blogs etc for the amount you are paying. So don’t go for an SEO agency without making sure that they can deliver the content you need for your website.

Reinventing with SEO:

Even Though SEO is an old concept, it is changing and emerging every few years. The rules that applied to SEO years ago aren’t even here anymore. So whether an SEO agency is reinventing themselves with the growing technology and the SEO concepts is pretty important. 

Reporting Format:

Always make sure that the reports of the work they do are flexible for you to understand. Discuss how often you need a report for all the work they are doing and they should deliver it to you beforehand so that things don’t fall apart after deciding to join them. Most SEO agencies will prepare a report once or twice a week or depending on the amount of work.

Customer Support:


An SEO agency that doesn’t have good customer support is not something you should go with. You should be able to address your concerns and have an answer to those concerns as soon as possible. That doesn’t mean you should text them all day and every day (just making it clear). This is a very simple matter that most people do not discuss. So make sure what kind of customer support you would need and discuss it with them when you are signing up. For example, if you would like to learn from the process, ask them to give feedback on what your website is about etc. 


pricing - SEO agency

Of course, you need to check whether the pricing list of an SEO agency is affordable for you. Don’t let them surprise you at the last minute. Be direct and let them know your budget beforehand. You will be saving both your and their time by just letting them know that budget and making it clear that you don’t want to go overboard.

Portfolios and Reviews:

And finally, check their portfolios and reviews by clients. Yes, this is not the only thing you should check. There is a whole list of other things mentioned above before coming to this process. Go read those again if you are not clear.

And that is all. The next time you decide to simply jump at your chance in selecting an SEO agency only based on their reviews, remember this blog. For more informational and helpful blogs, take a look at Shadowbizz. You won’t be disappointed.

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