How to increase the revenue of home bakery business by 6000$ without spending on marketing

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Good news for all home bakery business people in Singapore. Without Spending any amount on marketing, you can increase your revenue by 6000$.

Do you know what are the top 5 trending searches in Singapore in the year 2020? 

  1. Grocery delivery 
  2. Bubble tea delivery 
  3. Fast food delivery 
  4. Cake delivery 
  5. Steamboat delivery 



home bakery business
Grocery Delivery

Grocery delivery which got first place in 2020 was at the peak during the circuit baker in April and May 2020. And there has been a decline after that. 

Cake Delivery

But cake delivery continues to be most trending even after circuit baker. This is the report from December 16 to December 22, 2020. You can see other popular search terms of this year like bubble tea delivery, grocery delivery has declined after the circuit breaker when shops, were allowed to open. But cake delivery continues to be one of the top trending keywords even after the circuit breaker in Singapore. This is an excellent opportunity for all the professional baking community and it shows online cake delivery is on-demand throughout the year and tend to increase over the coming years

home bakery business
Popular Keywords Related to Home Bakery Business

Now let’s see average monthly searches for certain keywords related to the home bakery business

Keyword  No. Of searches /Month Expected click if you are on page 1  Competition 
Cake delivery  8100  2462  High 
Cake delivery Singapore  22,200  6748  High 
Order cake online  2900  621  Medium 
Cupcake delivery Singapore  1600  486  Medium 

Source: Ubbersuggest keyword analyzer

Above table shows some of the popular keywords and the average no. of search that has been done every month.

It also gives the no. of clicks or visits to your webpage if you are in the first page of google search result.

Top Cake Shops in Singapore
home bakery business
home bakery business
home bakery business

Awfully Chocolate from a Homegrown business to a successful regional franchise

The next question will be can you compete with these leading marketing. Yes. Founder of awfully chocolate Ms. Lynn Lee was a home-based baker back in 2004 with a small take away shop. Now they have 18 outlets in Singapore and also they have opened outlets out of the island.   

Awfully chocolate is one top company that does not advertise its products. They use the brand reputation, cake quality, and customer satisfaction as their marketing strategy.

home bakery business

Top company in the bakery business does not spend on advertisements. Awfully chocolate ranks first organically without using paid advertisement.  

Are you an aspiring home baker or running a small baking business then this is for you? 

Tomorrow your brand can become like awfully chocolate. If you have the determination and thirst to succeed what is stopping you? 

Small scale business owners have a tight marketing budget so might think is that all possible. But after going through this post, you might change you might think differently. 

  1. A website is needed to showcase your service. Many think managing a website is quite tedious, a social media page is enough. But a website makes your tasks much simpler and helps you to scale.  
  2. Will website building and management will burn out the pocket?  No.
  3. For domain name, you will be spending around 5 SGD and hosting around 20 SGD per year. Which is only 25 SGD per year to keep your website up and running.  
  4. Website development can be done by yourself or with the help of any leading website company that provides good service at a low cost 


How to rank in the first Page

 It is difficult to rank for these highly competitive words in the start. But the good news for the small business owner and home bakers There is an alternative SEO approach.  You can research and find out some low competitive keywords that will also increase your traffic and revenue. I did a quick research and found these keywords which are both popular and less competitive in the Singapore market for a home bakery business. 

Keyword  No. Of searches/ Month  Expected click if you are on page 1  Competition 
Home bakers Singapore  880  267  low 
Home baker  590  179  low 
Order cake online Singapore  1000  303  Medium 
Home Baker Sg  480  145  Low 

 With these low competition keywords still, you can rank on the first page and manage to get around 200 clicks every month. This will increase your traffic and revenue. 

If you get around 200 customers and only if 50%  of them purchase from you 

You will get 100 new orders every month. If you get 60$ per order, your revenue is going to increase by 6000$ 


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